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Netflix unveils the trailer for Squid Game: The Challenge
456 people put their skills and character to the test!

Netflix has unveiled the trailer for the reality show based on its greatest TV show of all time, the popular Korean series Squid Game, out in 2021.

In this competition, 456 (real) people put their skills and character to the test, to win a mega prize of $4.56 million in numerous challenges inspired by the series!

Squid Game has become a worldwide sensation, winning critical acclaim for its unique concept, intense narrative and well-developed characters.

It quickly became one of the most-watched shows on Netflix and generated a huge fan base worldwide.

A season 2 is also in development, and eagerly awaited by fans, although no release date has yet been announced!

But while we wait for season 2 of the original series, Squid Game: The Challenge will be available on Netflix on November 22!

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