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Russell Brand facing serious allegations of assault
Serious allegations against Russell Brand have been made public in recent days, hours after Brand published a video on Instagram in which he claimed that false things would be published about him by the media.

In a Sunday Times article, four women publicly accused Russell Brand of rape, sexual assault and controlling and abusive behavior, in events that allegedly took place between 2006 and 2013.

Among several testimonies offered by the Sunday Times and also broadcast on Channel 4 News, one victim testifies in particular to an exchange of text messages after an alleged attack by Brand:

“When a girl says NO, it means no”, the victim allegedly wrote the day after the events.

A disturbing message to which Brand allegedly replied: “Sorry.”

Screenshots and a medical report supporting certain allegations against Brand were also reportedly viewed by the Sunday Times.

Other women who have worked with Brand have also denounced highly inappropriate behavior on various film sets for the British TV channel Channel 4.

One of his accusers, who was only 16 at the time of the alleged acts, offers a particularly disturbing portrait of Russell Brand.

In a YouTube video viewed by 1.3 million people and published just hours before the allegations were made public, Brand accused the mainstream media of inventing these accusations against him because he was using his voice against them and Big Pharma in all kinds of conspiracy theories.

While the police are encouraging women to press charges following these shocking revelations, The Guardian reveals that it has received a formal complaint against Brand for sexual assault, an alleged event that took place in 2003, according to the victim.

A story to follow…

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