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Saguenay teen gets $900,000 for Lewis Hamilton card

Few can boast that they have become near millionaires by the age of 17… yet young Jean-Nicolas Gagnon seems to have achieved the feat with a simple pack of trading cards purchased in 2021 in Saguenay.

The youngster, who had no knowledge of the world of card collecting, was surprised to learn that a card included in a box was the only card autographed, from a 1 on 1 set, by the seven-time Formula 1 champion himself, Lewis Hamilton!

Since the acquisition of the card, offers from stars and collectors have multiplied and it is finally an American entrepreneur who put almost a million on the table (900 000 USD) for this unique card!

This sale would also be a record amount for the acquisition of a Formula 1 card.

Capture Netflix
If you want to know more, Jean-Nicolas Gagnon and his father participated in episode 6, Dreams Do Come True, of the reality show King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch, available on Netflix.

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