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The new star of the monarchy: Squire Jonathan!
A squire who will make you want to take an interest in the monarchy!

Since the death of the Queen on September 8th, Squire Jonathan Thompson has been spotted on several occasions.

As the bodyguard of the new king, Charles III, Mr. Thompson has not finished being in the spotlight!

As popular as Justin Bieber all of a sudden, his fans have even given him a nickname of his own:

“Major eye candy“.

Video montages of the man doing his job have even been published on the TikTok platform.


🥰 #majorjohnnythompson #johnnythompson #fyp

♬ Sexy The Black Eyed Peas – SofieLanda

If you scroll through the comments of these videos, you will only find nice compliments about her!

Unfortunately for you ladies and gentlemen, the squire has been out of the market for thirteen years now…

You’ll have better luck with a new squire when he returns!

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