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Ukrainian boxing champion dies on the front line

Boxer Oleg Prudky, a 30-year-old Ukrainian World Series of Boxing participant, died while fighting on the front lines in his country’s war with Russia.

According to the Ukrainian Boxing Federation, Oleg Prudky was a two-time Ukrainian champion and a participant in numerous international tournaments, including the European Junior Championships.

The exact circumstances of Prudky’s death are not known.

The Cherasky Boxing Federation announced the news on Instagram: “Another tragedy in our boxing family. One of the best boxers of the Cherkasy region, Oleg Prudky, died in the East…. Rest in peace!”

Other Ukrainian celebrities have been fighting the Russian invader since the conflict began last February. These include tennis players Andrei Medvedev and Sergiy Stakhovsky. Members of the group Kalush Orchestra, winner of the Eurovision 2022 music contest, are also on the front line.

It is estimated that more than 6,000Ukrainians have died since the beginning of the conflict with Russia, including 256 children. More than 15,000 Russian soldiers have also died.

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